When might I need an oral biopsy?

Various kinds of cancer can impact the human body, but most are not visible. Fortunately, oral cancer is often caught early, thanks to its visibility in the oral cavity. At Centre Place Dental, Drs. Chris and Robin Post and their team invite patients to come in regularly for an evaluation and to undergo an oral cancer screening at least every six months. This can allow our team to diagnose oral cancer as soon as it is spotted to improve your likelihood of success in treating this type of cancer.

What is oral cancer?

Sometimes referred to as “mouth cancer,” oral cancer is the presence of cancerous cells in the soft tissues of both your mouth and throat. Our team may perform an oral biopsy to get a proper diagnosis. A mouth cancer biopsy removes a small portion of the soft tissues to send to a dental laboratory for further evaluation. If the biopsy shows cancerous cells, Drs. Chris and Robin Post can then educate patients on the type of oral cancer found and the various treatment options. Patients may be referred to an oncologist for further evaluation and to determine the best treatment solution.

When might I need an oral biopsy?

Anytime our dentists evaluate the smile and see signs of oral cancer, they may recommend an oral biopsy. This can occur during a regular examination and cleaning if there is a suspicious area. Some of the more commonly noticeable signs of oral cancer include any of the following:

  • Persistent sores in your mouth that won’t heal
  • Painful and bleeding gums
  • Lumps or bumps on the tongue, cheeks, or gums
  • White patches inside the mouth or throat
  • Soreness in the throat that does not resolve

Are you due for an upcoming oral cancer screening?

At Centre Place Dental, we encourage you to visit our dental office at least every six months for a cleaning and evaluation and oral cancer screening. If we can diagnose oral cancer in the earliest stages, you are more likely to beat it! Call our office today at (402) 799-4977 to request a visit with Drs. Chris and Robin Post, we are located at 144 North 44th Street, Suite F.