When might frenectomy treatment be recommended to an adult patient?

At Centre Place Dental, we are more than just a dental office. We offer services for the oral cavity that go beyond regular cleanings and the treatment of tooth decay. Patients with tongue tie or lip tie concerns can ask about laser frenectomy treatment to cut the tight tissues for a proper release regardless of age. This then ensures the function of the lip and tongue that may be inhibited.

What is a frenectomy procedure?

A frenectomy, sometimes referred to as lip tie or tongue tie release surgery, is a fast and easy procedure performed with a laser right in the dentist’s chair. The laser frenectomy is a procedure that cuts the tight tissue responsible for restricting tongue and lip movement, allowing for greater mobility. Tongue tie release is typically carried out on children, including infants with difficulty latching onto the breast or bottle. However, it is also possible to perform the procedure on adults.

When might a frenectomy be recommended to an adult patient?

 An adult might need a frenectomy if they have speech problems caused by tongue-tie, such as difficulty forming certain sounds. Additionally, an adult may benefit from a frenectomy if they experience chronic oral infections or bad breath due to the tightness of their tissue, preventing them from correctly maintaining proper hygiene. Frenectomies may also be recommended for patients with gum alignment issues due to the tight tissues pulling at the gum tissues and causing gum recession.

Does a frenectomy hurt?

We use a local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort, even though laser treatments are relatively pain-free and cause less bleeding and recovery than treatments performed in a more traditional sense. We assure patients do not experience discomfort whenever possible, regardless of what procedure is being performed at our office.

How do I learn more about laser frenectomy treatments in Lincoln, Nebraska?

If you reside in the Lincoln community or the surrounding cities and are interested in finding out more about laser frenectomy treatment for children or adults, we invite you to call (402) 799-4977 to request an appointment with Drs. Chris and Robin Post and their team at Centre Place Dental. The office is located at 144 North 44th Street, Suite F, and is open to new patients.