Overcome Gum Infection with Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing

Typical dental cleaning is done routinely to remove plaque and tartar beneath and above your gum line. A deep dental cleaning (scaling and root planing) is more extensive than teeth cleaning and concentrates on the deeper pockets formed by gum infection. Drs. Chris and Robin Post recommend deep dental cleaning if you have advanced signs of gum disease.

What to expect from periodontal scaling and root planing

When gum disease is caught in its early stages, it can be reversed by diligent brushing and flossing of teeth coupled with teeth cleaning. However, mild to moderate periodontal gum disease needs more intervention. Our doctors offer periodontal cleaning to eliminate harmful bacteria and encourage the reattachment of healthy tissues to your teeth.

While scaling and root planing may sound scary, you have nothing to worry about when our dental team does the procedure. Here is what to expect from the treatment.

  • Our team will confirm the diagnosis using a dental probe and digital radiographs
  • We administer local anesthesia to reduce discomfort during treatment
  • We use ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and calculus build-up on the tooth’s surface and beneath the gum line
  • Special tools called scalers and curettes remove calculus deposits in the deeper pockets
  • We may prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to help keep your infection under control

Most patients need more than one session of deep dental cleaning to overcome gum infection. During each visit, we measure your gum pockets to establish treatment progress. Once you overcome gum disease, we will give tips and tricks to avoid reinfection in the future.

What to expect after a Periodontal Cleaning

After deep teeth cleaning, you may experience pain for a few days and tooth sensitivity that may last for a week. Besides, your gums may bleed and remain swollen for a few days. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry. These symptoms are normal, but we prescribe medication or mouth rinse to reduce discomfort.

Deep Teeth Cleaning for a healthy, beautiful smile

If you have gum disease, we can help you overcome it before it causes irreversible damage to your smile. The team at Centre Place Dental in Lincoln, NE, offers periodontal scaling and root planing services to treat gum infection. Please dial (402) 799-4977 to book a free consultation with Drs. Chris and Robin Post.