How periodontal splinting can save a loose or weak tooth

If you have loose teeth from periodontal disease or jawbone loss, you may find yourself worried about whether or not your smile can do its job when eating or speaking. These teeth may be at risk of loss if you are not careful when chewing food. Finding a solution to maintain a natural tooth whenever possible starts with an evaluation with Drs. Chris and Robin Post of Centre Place Dental in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What can cause a tooth to become weak or loose?

Our patients might experience a loose or weak tooth for several reasons. This may be due to:

  • Lost jawbone
  • Lost gum tissue
  • Injury/trauma to the mouth
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Pressure from misaligned teeth

What can Drs. Chris and Robin Post do about weak teeth?

Our dentists may recommend treatments such as periodontal splinting to protect teeth from loss or extraction. Periodontal splinting is a specialized technique in which the dentist attaches weak teeth together. This causes several teeth to become a single unit, using the adjacent teeth for support and strength. Periodontal splinting is commonly performed on the teeth at the front of your smile to help keep the tooth in place and avoid permanent loss or extraction.

How is periodontal splinting performed?

Loose teeth are splinted to healthy adjacent teeth using bonding materials such as composite resin. This is done in a single appointment, allowing patients to quickly stabilize a weak or loose tooth to improve the chances of reattachment or maintenance. It often eliminates the need for extraction and replacement using dentures, bridges, or dental implants, which can become costly with time. During an assessment with our doctors, we will determine if you are a proper candidate for periodontal splinting and make treatment recommendations most appropriate for your unique dental situation.

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