Replace missing teeth with fixed dental bridges

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Drs. Chris and Robin Post believe that taking care of your smile can result in lifelong healthy teeth. However, patients may encounter issues that require dental bridges, whether for front teeth or other areas of the dental arch.

What is a dental bridge?

The dental bridge is one of many restorative procedures used at Centre Place Dental to address tooth loss within the smile. The bridge is a unique appliance designed to replace one or several teeth in a row. It is made of porcelain, a strong, durable material that closely resembles the natural teeth for seamless integration. The bridge is attached to existing teeth on either side of the gap created by tooth loss. This helps prevent any shifting or slipping of the artificial teeth and restores proper bite alignment.

What are the benefits of getting a single-tooth or multi-tooth dental bridge?

There are several specific advantages to having a dental bridge placed in your mouth. The dental bridge:

  • Fills in any visible gaps and matches up with the rest of your smile
  • Restores your biting capacity by distributing pressure evenly across all teeth when chewing or speaking
  • Prevents collapse that comes with missing teeth
  • Prevents other nearby teeth from shifting and filling in the space left by missing ones
  • Is a fixed restoration that does not need to be removed for brushing and flossing
  • Is often covered by dental insurance, making it an affordable choice for many patients on a budget
  • Looks just like existing teeth for a natural appearance

Am I a good candidate for the dental bridge?

If you have one or a few missing teeth and want to restore your smile, the dental bridge may be a good option for your needs. In order to properly assess if you are an ideal candidate, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Drs. Chris and Robin Post so that they can conduct an examination and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you!

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