Obtain simple and surgical tooth extractions at Centre Place Dental

The teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but a lot can happen over several years that can change this trajectory. Drs. Chris and Robin Post of Centre Place Dental in Lincoln, Nebraska, may find that some patients will need extractions at one point or another. Dental extractions are typically performed to remove a tooth that is impacted, permanently remove a tooth that cannot be saved due to disease or decay or remove teeth in situations where overcrowding has become an issue, and orthodontic treatment may be recommended. Our team can talk to patients about wisdom tooth extractions, emergency tooth extractions, and other situations that might warrant the surgical or simple removal of one or more teeth in a patient’s smile.

Do I need a wisdom tooth extraction?

The wisdom teeth, the last to erupt into the smile, often do not have sufficient space to do so and, therefore, can become impacted. Impacted teeth are stuck below the gum line and cannot get through. This can cause pain and other complications, requiring our dentists to recommend surgical removal. In different situations, the teeth may come through the gum line but may be challenging to keep clean due to their location far back in the mouth. The placement of the wisdom teeth makes them much more susceptible to decay and disease, making it a smart choice to have them removed even if they have not become impacted in the jaw.

Do I need an emergency tooth extraction?

Emergency tooth extraction is performed when there is an immediate need to remove a tooth due to infection or decay. After our dental team has extracted a tooth, patients can start learning about replacement options, including dentures, bridges, and dental implants.

Do you need planned or emergency tooth extraction?

Whether you need a wisdom tooth (or teeth!) extraction or the removal of a severely decayed or infected tooth, our team at Centre Place Dental can assist! Call our Lincoln, NE area office at (402) 799-4977 to request an appointment with our team, conveniently located at 144 N. 44th Street, Suite F. We are open to new patients and welcome individuals in and around the area seeking comprehensive dentistry at a state-of-the-art dental facility.