How nitrous oxide sedation can make your visit to the dentist’s chair more relaxing!

For many patients, young and old, dental anxiety can keep them from getting necessary dental work. Whether you have had a bad experience before at the dental office or feel uncomfortable with someone in your personal space, our team at Centre Place Dental of Lincoln, Nebraska, can help put you at ease with sedation dentistry. We are pleased to offer nitrous oxide to relax our patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

What is nitrous oxide?

Drs. Chris and Robin Post describe nitrous oxide as a mild inhaled sedative to help you relax. It has been safely used in dentistry for decades and wears off quickly after the procedure, allowing you to resume normal activities, including driving or returning to work afterward. Nitrous oxide works by releasing oxygen and nitrogen into your system, producing a calming effect that encourages relaxation.

What are the benefits of nitrous oxide for painless dentistry?

Nitrous oxide is both a safe and effective way to ease dental anxiety and help you stay comfortable throughout your appointment. It can also reduce gag reflexes and decrease the discomfort associated with dental treatments such as deep cleanings or fillings. Nitrous oxide is known for working quickly, allowing your dentist to begin treatment immediately rather than waiting for more traditional sedatives to take effect.

Who is a good candidate for our nitrous oxide sedation?

Anyone who experiences mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety and can breathe normally through their nose may be a good candidate for nitrous oxide. Candidates should understand the effects of nitrous oxide so they can make educated and knowledgeable decisions about their care.

How do I learn more about nitrous oxide sedation?

If you feel anxious about visiting Centre Place Dental or have had previous bad experiences in the past, please call us today at (402) 799-4977 to see if nitrous oxide is suitable for you! Our dentists can help people with anxiety who are scared of the dentist but need necessary treatments. We look forward to helping you to obtain the dental care you require in a comfortable environment at our Lincoln, NE, area practice. We are conveniently located at 144 North 44th Street, Suite F, and can educate you further on reducing anxiety for your upcoming visit to our state-of-the-art dental practice.